One can find Tea lover easily in India. Whether it is a restaurant or Tapri, people can be seen drinking tea very often. In older times people used to drink Kulhad Tea or Tea in a clay cup.

 However, these days Kulhad is replaced by plastic cups or glasses. Still drinking tea in Kulhad is a mesmerizing experience. Know the health benefit associated with drinking tea in a cup of clay.

Kulhad tea reduces acidity Our body's acidic nature is reduced by using a cup of clay. As a result, acidity is controlled. In addition, drinking tea in Kulhad tends to boost the body's calcium levels.

Kulhads Are Hygienic! In tea stalls owners usually serve tea either in kulhads, glasses, cups, or plastic cups. These reusable cups and glasses are washed after every use, Whereas kulhad is more hygienic than cups and glasses. It is non-reusable and hence the germs won’t spread from one cup to another.

Kulhads are eco-friendly Drinking out of a plastic glass is injurious to health, especially our digestive system. It is also extremely detrimental to the environment. Furthermore, a cup of clay is completely eco-friendly and has no negative effects on our health. It can be reused as mud.

Prevents bacterial infection Earlier, we used to drink tea in Kulhad and then dump it. As a result, we can classify it as a non-reusable item. Glasses, on the other hand, can be used after they have been cleaned. However, some bacteria may be retained in the glass throughout the cleaning procedure, resulting in waterborne diseases.

They promote the local artists Kulhad is made in villages. Pottery is the only means of earning for some families. Drinking chai in kulhad helps in promoting their art and boosting employment for them.

Increase the amount of Calcium The cup of clay results in decreasing the acidic nature of our body. Thus controls acidity. Also, drinking tea in Kulhad helps in increasing the calcium level of the body.

The Taste Of Tea In Kulhads Is Heavenly! No wonders why we love to sip on tea from a kulhad. The taste, the essence, and the aroma change when we have kulhad chai. The burnt clay of the kulhad adds a stunning flavour to the chai and it feels soothing to drink it.

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