108 Names of Ganesh ji: On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, chant 108 names of Ganesh ji, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

Part - 1

Part - 1

1. Balganpati : Dearest child 2. Bhalchandra: One who has moon on his head 3. Budhinath: Lord of Wisdom 4. Dhumravarna: Smoke blowers

5. Monosyllabic: Single letter 6. Ekdant: Having one tooth 7. Gajakarna: Elephant-like eyes 8. Gajanan Meaning: Elephant-faced god

9. Gajavakra: Elephant's trunk 10. Gajavaktra: Has a mouth like an elephant 11. Ganadhyaksha: The owner of all people 12. Ganapati: The owner of all the Ganas

13. Gaurisut: Son of Mother Gauri 14. Lambakarna: God with big ears 15. Lambodar : Large belly 16. Mahabal: Extremely powerful

17. Mahaganapati: God of gods 18. Maheshwar: Lord of the whole universe 19. Mangalmurti: Lord of all auspicious works 20. Mouse Vehicle : One whose charioteer is a mouse

21. Nidhiswaram: Giver of wealth and funds 22. Prathameshwar: The first among all 23. Shupakarna: The god with big ears 24. Shubham: Lord of all auspicious works

25. Siddhidata: Lord of desires and opportunities 26. Siddivinayak: The lord of success 27. Sureswaram: Lord of the gods. 28. Vakratunda : Curved trunk

29. Akhurath: One whose charioteer is a mouse 30. Alampata: Infinite God. 31. Amit : Incomparable Lord 32. Anantachidarupam: One with infinite and individual consciousness

33. Avneesh: Lord of the whole world 34. Avighna: The overcomer of obstacles. 35. Bhima : Vishal 36. Bhupathi: Lord of the earth