108 Names of Ganesh ji: On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi, chant 108 names of Ganesh ji, all your wishes will be fulfilled.



73. Blood : Red colored body 74. Rudrapriya: Beloved of Lord Shiva 75. Sarvadevatmana: the acceptor of all heavenly offerings 76) Sarvasiddhanta: Giver of skill and intelligence

77. Sarvatman: Protector of the universe 78. Omkar: One who is shaped like Om 79. Shashivarnam: Those whose color pleases the moon 80. Shubhgunakanan: One who is the master of all virtues

81. Shweta: One who is pure as white 82. Siddhipriya: Wish fulfiller 83. Skanda Purvaja : Brother of Lord Kartikeya 84. Sumukh: Auspicious face

85. Swaroop: Lover of Beauty 86. Tarun: One who has no age 87. Defiant : Naughty 88. Umaputra: Son of Parvati

89. Varaganpati: Lord of opportunities 90. Varaprada: Giver of desires and opportunities 91. Varadvinayak: Lord of success 92. Veerganpati: Veer Prabhu

93. Vidyavaridhi: God of Wisdom 94. Vighnahar: Remover of obstacles 95. Vighnahatta: One who removes obstacles 96. Disruption: The remover of obstacles

97. Vighnaraj: The master of all obstacles 98. Vighnarajendra: Lord of all obstacles 99. Vighnavinashaya: Destroyer of obstacles 100. Vigneshwar: The Lord of Obstacles

101. Vikata : extremely large 102. Vinayaka: Lord of all 103. Vishwamukh: Guru of the Universe 104. Vishwaraja: Lord of the world

105. Yagyakaya: One who accepts all sacrifices 106. Yashaskar: Lord of fame and fortune 107. Yashaswin : Most Beloved and Popular God 108. Yogadhip: Lord of Meditation