Ganesh Chaturthi has special significance in India. This festival is celebrated with great pomp across the country.

During the 10 days of this festival, devotees make various types of sweets and offer them in bhog to worship and please Ganesha, the first deity among all the gods.

It contains dry roasted nuts consisting of cashews and almonds, which are added with ghee-roasted khajoor and raisins, and molded into healthy, wholesome, and tasty modaks.

Modak with dry fruits

It is a Maharashtrian sweet flatbread, and one of the most sought-after festive recipes in Maharashtra. It is a rich delicacy prepared from khoya or mawa, ghee, besan, and milk.


Coconut rice is a dish made by soaking white rice in coconut milk or cooking it using coconut flakes. The tasty treat makes for one of the most loved bhog items to the deity.

Coconut rice

Shrikhand is an Indian sweet dish obtained from strained yogurt and is quite popular across Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is topped with raisins and nuts.


Payasam is a traditional South Indian kheer. Rice cooked using milk along with jaggery powder, coconut, and cardamom is a hit across many parts of India.


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By Priyanka Sawant