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A lady detained atithe Las Vegas airport claimed the reason she was there must be because she is "so good- looking."


According to 8 News Now, a 28- year-old woman was detained last week at the airport in Las Vegas.

She allegedly informed police that it was all because of how "good- looking" she was.

After being suspected of avoiding paying her restaurant bill, the woman is now facing an airport misbehaviour allegation.

According to a police record that local media were able to obtain, a 28-year-old lady was detained last

week after being suspected of avoiding paying a restaurant bill.

According to reports, Hend Bustami said that cops harassed her and

detained her because they had "never seen someone as good- looking" as her.

According to the article, police  collaborated with TSA, representatives who said that a lady

fitting the description had been observed "sleeping near the security   checkpoint.

A lady detained atithe Las  Vegas airport claimed the  reason she was there must  be because she is "so good-  looking."