This rare yoga is coinciding with Ganesh Chaturthi this year, know the right time for worship

A rare yoga is coinciding with  this year's Ganesh Festival, which experts say is similar to the yoga  created at the time of Bappa's birth.

After two years of Corona, Ganeshotsav will be celebrated without any restrictions.

So this year's Ganeshotsav is  special.  However, this year's Ganeshotsav is going to be 

special  because of another reason, that is because of this year's date.

The day on which Lord Ganesha was  born was Wednesday on Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturthi.  

This year also  Bhadrapada falls on Wednesday on Shukla Chaturthi.

Also, this year 31st August is  Udiya Kalin and Midanh Vyapini Chaturthi, making the rare combination of  Bappa's arrival coincided. 

The important thing is that this year it  coincides with Ganesh Chaturthi ten years ago as Ravi Yoga happened.

Amrut Yog for Ganesha Puja is from 7:05 AM to 8:40 AM. From 10:15 AM to 11:50 AM Shubha Yog of Ganesha Puja will be held.