A woman is caught on camera stealing from a Houston porch

A lady drives up to a Houston driveway, parks her vehicle, and then goes up to the front door.

She takes her time standing about and gazing around as a dashcam

At that moment; someone. appears at the door and tries to stop her, but she has already grabbed a large fan and is walking to her vehicle in the driveway

"Why didn't you go outside when she brought her vehicle to your front door and then got out looking around?" asks @racheladams2702

""She should have replied quicker.” "I want to begin doing it in the future

whenever I am greeted by an unanswered door. Immediately, you must report to me."

The caption reads "tries to catch her," as pointed out by @loyalmarie31. A common question is, "What happened?

She then makes the astute observation that had they been two

seconds sooner, the vehicle would have backed up directly into the cyclists.