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According to a poll, the majority of independents do not want Trump to run  in2024.


According to a survey, a large proportion of independent voters appear to be turning

against the former president, and six out of ten Americans do not want Donald Trump to run for government again.

According to the PBS NewsHour/NPR/Marist study, 61 percent of Americans do not want the Republican to be a candidate in 2024.

Trump continues to have broad public support for his reelection, but he has lost the support of the important independent voting bloc since December 2020.

Just 28% of independents, according to the most recent survey, think that Trump should run for government once again, while 67% disagree.

Exit polls from the most recent election showed that 41% of independents chose Trump over   

Biden, indicating that the former president has been losing favour from them ever since he left office.

Jim Holladay, a North Carolina independent voter, told PBS NewsHour that although he

supported Trump in the 2020 election, he now feels that he disallowed another Republican candidate from running.