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Air Canada just ordered 30 electric planes that can carry passengers up to 500 miles as the race for airlines to cut emissions intensifies


Air Canada announced Thursday that it had ordered 30 ES-30 electric aircraft from Heart Aerospace.

The plane can fly up to 124 miles in all-electric mode or up to 500 miles with capacity limitations.

The Swedish manufacturer has garnered firm orders from United Airlines and Mesa Airlines.

Air Canada is one step closer to becoming a greener company.

The Montréal-based airline announced Thursday that it had ordered 30 of Heart Aerospace's ES-30 electric aircraft. Air Canada has

also gained a $5 million equity stake in the Swedish manufacturer. Scheduled to enter service in 2028, the plane is set to seat 30

passengers in a two-by-one configuration and fly up to 124 miles, or 200 kilometers, when in all-electric mode. The range can extend

to 249 miles when the battery is supplemented by generators and 497 miles when the capacity is limited to 25 people, according to Air Canada.

The move complements Air Canada's decarbonization effort.