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Alcohol's shocking truths


One standard sized drink takes an hour to process. Imagine what binge- drinking two or three beers does to your body.

Alcohol promotes the release of dopamine, a pleasure-related neurotransmitter. That's why drinking makes people happy.

Women binge drink after four drinks in two hours. Men may have 5+

drinks in 2 hours. Anxiety and breast cancer risk are effects.

It harms brain cells. alternatives to drinking work. Two cans a night can cause

memory loss and brain atrophy. Depressant because it slows brain activity.

Alcohol helps sore throats.Forget lozenges when you have a sore throat. Whiskey will soothe the sting.

StrengthenlFat absorbs alcohol slower than muscles. Muscle- and fat-rich folks have a greater alcohol tolerance

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