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Applauded for refusing to switch seats so a family could sit together was the passenger


A Redditor who refused to give up their seat on a flight so a family could sit together has received support from the internet.

One of the 20th century's biggest maritime  tragedies, the Estonia sunk in 1994, killing  852 people.The COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that halted international travel has made the last several years difficult for the aviation sector.

However, since the limits have been loosened, travelers have resumed planning holidays and business travels

and according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, American

airlines transported more than 71.2 million passengers on scheduled flights in May 2022.

Online conversations regarding proper behavior on airplanes and passenger satisfaction have once

again gained popularity as more People fly for business and pleasure.

A tale was submitted on Reddit on Saturday by user u/Unlikely- Strategy596, who posed the

question: "AITA (Am | the a**hole) for not giving up my aircraft seat so a family could be all together?"