Aron Judge's Message From Roger Maris Jr. 

Aaron Judge of the New York   club record for most home runs in a

season. During the 1961 season, the late Roger Maris hit 61 home runs.

Roger Maris Jr. addressed his father's home run record in an interview with Newsday.

Although he can't help but commend Judge for his season, Maris is hoping his father's record will still stand after this season is over.

We don't want to see dad's record fall,” Maris Jr. said to Newsday. However, on the other hand, you

want to see someone giving it a go and their best effort.

Dad would always desire that. In Dad's opinion, records were meant

to be broken. You should shake their  hand, tip your hat to them 

and say, "Great work." if someone is  going for something and making it happen.