Ashneer Grover’s wife Madhuri made him ‘unfollow’ Mouni Roy  

Ashneer Grover's wife Madhuri made him unfollow Mouni Roy on social media after he liked her bikini picture.

The incident came to light during their appearance on a talk show where they talked about their relationship.

Madhuri revealed that she doesn't feel comfortable when her husband likes pictures of other women.

She also shared that they have a mutual understanding when it comes to social media and respecting each other's boundaries.

The couple also talked about their first date, where they split the bill and how it strengthened their relationship.

Madhuri said that she believes in equality and doesn't expect her husband to always pay for everything.

Ashneer added that he was impressed by her independence and confidence on their first date.

The couple also revealed that they have a similar taste in music and enjoy spending time together.

They credited communication and understanding for the success of their relationship.

Ashneer and Madhuri are a happy couple who value each other's opinions and prioritize each other's happiness.

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