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Beijing's attempts to adopt an anti-AUKUS resolution are thwarted by India's "deft diplomacy."


China withdrew a draft resolution it had submitted to the IAEA criticizing the AUKUS alliance

for wanting to sell Australia nuclear-powered submarines. According to the sources, India's "deft diplomacy"

was instrumental in getting several smaller nations to vehemently reject the Chinese proposal.

Australia, the UK, and the US have a trilateral security arrangement known as AUKUS.

At the General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which was held in Vienna from September 26–30, 2022,

India foiled Beijing's attempts to get a resolution against AUKUS passed.

Even though China had previously persuaded Global Times to publish an article

about its impending success on September 28, it withdrew its draft resolution on

September 30 after realizing that it would not receive majority approval.