Top 10 best credit cards in India

DFC First Millennia Credit Card: There are no joining or yearly fees for this credit card. If you spend ₹15,000 in the first 90 days after acquiring this card, you'll receive some vouchers.

SBI Platinum Card for IRCTC: Depending on the time of year you travel, this card offers you a 4–10% reward on IRCTC bookings. Along with a ₹350 activation bonus, 0.80% cashback is offered on the remaining expenditures.

Kotak Indigo XL Credit Card: By far the best credit card in India for flight travel, Kotak Indigo Card offers 6% savings on Indigo Flights. Along with this, this card entitles you to priority check-in, a complimentary seat, etc. You should only apply for this credit card if you spend a minimum of 50,000 to 75,000 rupees annually on domestic flights.

 ICICI HPCL Super Saver Credit Card: If you use this card to fill up on fuel at HP's gas stations, you'll receive a 6.5% payback. On the remaining utility and grocery purchases, you can also receive a cashback of 5%.

HDFC Regalia Card: It's among the best credit cards for 2022. This credit card comes highly suggested if your annual salary is between $15 lakhs and $20 lakhs and you just want to carry one card. The HDFC Regalia's conversion and reward rate are both excellent.

 HDFC Millennia Card: This card must be familiar to many of you. When using one of the top online shopping cards, HDFC Smartbuy or Payzapp, you will receive a flat 5% cashback if you shop on Amazon, Flipkart, or other participating sites.

 HDFC Infinia Card: With its top reward rates, this card entitles you to free priority passes that grant you access to any airport lounge in the globe without paying a fee.

Amazon ICICI Pay Credit Card: This credit card is lifetime free and does not charge an annual or joining fee. For Prime customers, Amazon Pay ICICI credit card offers a ₹300 voucher, while for non-Prime users, it offers a ₹150 coupon.

Axis Flipkart credit card: The Flipkart Axis Bank Credit Card was introduced in 2019 by Axis Bank and Flipkart, and it was an immediate success. The yearly fee and membership charge for this credit card are both 500 rupees.

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