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Burger King's menu changes are massive


Burger King isn't at the top of the fast food hierarchy, but it's still decent. Technomic found that in 2019, it was the second-biggest burger chain, behind McDonald's.

Forbes ranked the chain third in 2021. The King ranked in third with 23% of votes in a Mashed poll, behind McDonald's and Wendy's.

Burger King has announced 2-year, $400 million strategy. CNBC reports that the idea includes shrinking

menus to speed up drive-thru waits. New Whopper and Royal Crispy Chicken tastes will be expanded

Many of QSR's menu adjustments are aimed to emphasise the Whopper. Burger King has

introduced beef- and plant-based versions of the Southwest Bacon Whopper.

The business also improve its mobile app, minimise paper coupons, and increase online

ordering. Burger King aims to renovate 3,000 of its 7,000 shops with "technology, culinary equipment,

and structural modifications" CEO Jose Cil hopes "Reclaim the Flame" would make Burger King "the top option for a high-quality meal.”