Denver’s Bill Tierney gave Towson’s Shawn Nadelen his first job in college lacrosse. They’ve been close ever since.

APR 14,2023


Purnima sharma

Loyola Maryland men's lacrosse coach Shawn Nadelen credits Bill Tierney for his coaching philosophy.

Nadelen played for Tierney at Princeton, where he learned the importance of accountability and hard work.

The two coaches have remained close, often communicating and sharing ideas about the sport.

Nadelen says he models his coaching style after Tierney, who has won multiple national championships.

Tierney, who now coaches at the University of Denver, says he's proud of Nadelen's success at Loyola.

Nadelen has led Loyola to three Patriot League titles and three NCAA tournament appearances.

Tierney describes Nadelen as a "teacher of the game" who has a passion for developing players.

Nadelen says he strives to build relationships with his players, helping them become better people on and off the field.

Tierney and Nadelen will face each other on Saturday, when Loyola takes on Denver in a crucial conference matchup.

The game will be a chance for Nadelen to show how much he's learned from Tierney, his mentor and friend.

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