Disney Star sets IPL record with 35 crore viewers in first 10 matches.

According to BARC, 35 crore viewers watched, surpassing past records, including those from pandemic seasons. Overall watch time soared to 8028 crore minutes, up 20% from last year.

Match ratings for the 17th season rose by 22%, praised by Sanjog Gupta for improvements like HDR-enhanced 4K, interactive services, and multi-platform fan engagement.

Disney Star broadcasts on 14 feeds in 10 languages, including a feed in Indian Sign Language for Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing, and Visually Impaired fans, showcasing inclusivity.

Disney Star offers various shows for different audiences, such as "Cheeky Singles" hosted by YouTuber Carry Minati.

The IPL 2024 campaign, "AJAB IPL KE GAJAB RANG," engages fans by mirroring team support's rollercoaster, showcasing varied fan experiences, and enhancing the tournament narrative.

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Disney Star targets 8-12-year-olds with special programming "Super Funday" and engages fans through activations like "Star Nahi Far," enhancing connection and excitement around the tournament.

During Rivalry Week from April 8 to 14, Disney Star plans to enhance excitement with thrilling moments and engaging content for fans.