Disney World Has an Exclusive New Offer for Big Fans

Limited quantity, limited time means high demand for a new Disney offer. A wait due to demand is not uncommon,

as demand drives the whole theme park business. When time is money, Disney offers a way to get as many

experiences crammed into a day as possible. The Lightening Lane Pass allows theme park guests to skip the line and get

through as many attractions as possible. This year the fifth edition of the Zombie Tiki Mug was available at Trader Sam's

Enchanted Tiki Bar. The collectible item is available only in a limited quantity and during a limited time. Disney announced that it

would have a new collectible available, and of course for a limited time and in a limited quantity. The Mr. Toad

Popcorn Bucket containing tri-colored popcorn, and limited of two buckets purchases per transaction, is expected to be priced