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Filmmakers disturbed 852 victims' "grave site”


One of the 20th century's biggest maritime  tragedies, the Estonia sunk in 1994, killing  852 people.

Sweden, Estonia, and Finland decided not to salvage the wreck and made it  unlawful to touch it in 1995.

unlawful However, the court  found that they were immune to  prosecution since their ship

was flying the flag of Germany and they were in international  seas at the time

Germany is the only major industrialised  country that has not joined the-deal  that was reached in 1995.

Although the filmmaker are  Swedish, an appeals court in

Gothenburg ruled that "Estonia Law"  did apply and remanded the case  for a new trial.

The lower court, according to Judge  Goran Lundahl's Monday ruling,

"took into consideration that the  wreck represents a cemetery site