Golf reacts to Lee Westwood's PGA comments

Lee Westwood joined LIV Golf after leaving the PGA Tour. Former world No. 1 was upfront about signing with Saudi-backed league.

Westwood discussed the divide between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour with Golf Digest.

Westwood criticised the PGA Tour's attitude to LIV Golf.

Westwood laughed at the PGA Tour players® antics. "It's exactly like LIV. Hypocrites abound.

Everyone says LIV is ‘uncompetitive.” All mention LIV's no-cut and short fields.

Now they're planning 20 LIV-Like events. Hope they all stutter eventually. And perhaps they'll be

held accountable as we were.” Westwood's criticism of the PGA Tour upsets golf fans.

Fan: "Lee should worry about riding into the sunset with his exhibition league wealth.” "Cheers, bro.”

Another admirer added, “I'm unhappy you're pursuing money you don't need.” Westwood's age, 49, influenced his choice to join LIV Golf.