Google has launched new AI tools

As the race to dominate artificial intelligence escalates between tech giants.

Google unveiled new AI software to build presentations, analyze and enter data, and write content.

Google has launched new AI tools that it claims can help people with their mental health.

The tools are part of a new initiative called "Get Ahead of the Return" that focuses on post-pandemic mental health.

The initiative includes the "Mental Health Minute" feature that delivers helpful tips to users in a conversational way.

The AI-powered tools also include a "Self-Care Planner" that helps users schedule activities and prioritize their self-care.

Google is partnering with mental health experts to ensure the tools are accurate and effective.

The tools were developed based on feedback from users and mental health experts alike.

The goal is to help people manage their mental health as they return to normal activities after the pandemic.

The tools are available for free and can be accessed through Google Assistant and other Google products.

The company plans to continue investing in AI-powered tools that can help people with their mental health and wellness.

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