Government employees insurance rates will increase by ten percent.

State, county, and municipal government employees' rates would increase significantly, the State Health Benefits Commission has decided.

not withstanding the protests of its union members, who maintained that the meeting was replete with procedural errors and that the vote should have been postponed.

The panel authorised double digit hikes that would boost premiums for the majority of workers by a vote of 3-1 with one abstention.

by nearly 20%, even if the Plan Design Committee of the State Health Benefits Program's cost-cutting recommendations nudge

rises somewhat lower for a small number of health benefit programmes."This is completely inconsistent with what I'm seeing elsewhere," remarked

Dudley Burdge, a labour representative for local government employees on the panel. "The State Health Benefits Plan will suffer greatly as a result."

Total increases for active state employees enrolled in the CWA Unity or NJ Direct Plans will be 19.6% instead of the 20.7% that the state's actuary predicted in July.

Resolutions hiking specialist and out-of-network copays to $15 and $30 more than their in-network equivalents are to blame for the decline.

measures, in an effort to push public employees choose less expensive treatment, were overwhelmingly adopted by the Plan Design Committee on Wednesday morning.