Hero Passion Plus, Xtreme 200S 4V leaked ahead of India launch

The Hero Passion Plus, Xtreme 200S, and 4V have been leaked ahead of their India launch.

The images showcase a revamped design with sharper lines and new graphics.

The Passion Plus receives a new headlight, fuel tank, and tail section design.

The Xtreme 200S gets a new LED headlight, revised tank shrouds, and split-style seats.

The 4V variant features a new digital instrument cluster and revised bodywork.

All three bikes will be powered by BS6-compliant engines for improved emissions performance.

The Passion Plus will come with a 97cc engine, while the Xtreme 200S and 4V will have 200cc engines.

The current Xtreme 200S is priced at Rs 1,35,360 and with this 4V update.

It expect them to be launched in the coming weeks.

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