Imran Khan in strong position with 47 independent PTI-supported leads.

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rajpal nehra

Imran Khan's influence on Pakistan's election results 2024 remains strong.

In the general elections, PTI backed 154 leading candidates.

Former PM Imran Khan's political influence remains strong in Pakistan, evident in the general elections with PTI supporting 154 leading candidates.

In the elections, Imran's party competes with PPP and PML-N on 47 seats out of 265.

Ishaq Dar, an aide to Nawaz Sharif, said his party will coalition with independent candidates.

Pakistan's election reflects a tight race between Imran Khan's and Nawaz Sharif's parties, with 9 seats won by Nawaz's party and 7 by Imran's.

PTI shared videos showing rigging by returning officers despite independent candidates' victories.

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