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In order to commemorate Bristol's victory, Noah Gragson eats at Waffle House using a sword.


In a word, magnificent best describes Noah Gragson's celebration after winning the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Bristol on Friday

night. Gragson performed a smokeshow burnout, hit the wall, puked on himself, climbed out of the roof hatch, shotgunned a drink,

 climbed the catchfence with his crew, blew his tyres out with another burnout, and then performed one more burnout as he approached the winning post.

The majority of drivers would decide it was enough to celebrate after going that overboard. However, following his third

 straight victory at the track known as The Last Great Coliseum, Gragson received a commemorative sword in addition

to his trophy. The upcoming NASCAR star also had a very clear plan in mind for what he wanted to do with that weapon.

Gragson stated in his post-race press conference, "I don't know, probably take it to Waffle House tonight. "I'm not sure if having a weapon will result in my being arrested

or something else. What the hell are you doing? they'll likely ask. However, having two items and having the item engraved also helps since you can sort of tell the tale."

Sure enough, Gragson appeared at a local Waffle House around midnight and proceeded to halve a waffle with his sword before nibbling on the tip.