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In response to Kevin Harvick's vehicle fire, a NASCAR executive is direct.


This weekend, NASCAR's new NextGen cars received harsh criticism from star driver Kevin

Harvick, who attributed his car fire to the "crappy-a** components" that teams were required to utilise

and said that "nothing has been rectified.” It appears that a NASCAR executive has heard about Harvick's remarks.

Scott Miller, senior vice president of competition for NASCAR, addressed Harvick's remarks during an

interview on "The Morning Drive" on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Tuesday.

Miller acknowledged that there is a "unacceptable” issue with the vehicles and insisted that NASCAR cares about addressing it.

According to NBC Sports, Miller stated that it was "about as far from the truth as you could go" to claim

that NASCAR didn't care. | honestly don't have anything further to say about that.

I'm not going to engage Kevin in a radio debate in which we argue back and forth. He may truly be aware of our concern, I believe.