Indian job market to grow 22 pc in 5 yrs

According to a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) study, the Indian job market is projected to grow by 22 percent over the next five years.

with top roles emerging in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data segments.

The WEF's Future of Jobs report estimates that globally, 69 million new jobs will be created in the next five years, while 83 million will be eliminated by 2027.

 The survey covered 803 companies across 45 economies and 27 industry clusters.

In India, the report estimated that increased adoption of new technologies, broadening digital access, and broader applications of ESG standards will drive job growth.

The top roles for industry transformation in India will be AI and machine learning specialists, as well as data analysts and scientists.

The manufacturing and oil and gas sectors have the highest level of green skill intensity globally, with India, the US, and Finland ranking at the top of the list for the oil and gas sector.

India and China have a more positive outlook on talent availability compared to the global average when it comes to hiring.

However, India is among the seven countries where job growth for non-social jobs is faster than social jobs.

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