It was a devastating night  in Paris, and the AP was there to cover the last hours of Diana's life.

This story of Diana's last hours in the French capital was first published by The Associated Press on September 5, 1997, only a few days

The illuminated Eiffel Tower is one of the final sights before entering the Pont de l'Alma tunnel at night.

Probably one of the last things Princess Diana saw was this

iron latticework that glistened like lace against the night sky.

Every night at 1:00 a.m., the tower's lights are turned out. By the time rescuers managed 

to break through the metal top of the wrecked Mercedes on the evening of Sunday,

On the brief journey from the Ritz Hotel to the tunnel, we were treated to a breathtaking

panorama of the city's other floodlit wonders, including the obelisk at Place de la Concorde,

There were four persons in the car: the princess, her lover, the driver, and a bodyguard up front