JetBlue is the first major airline to add non-alcoholic beer 

JetBlue is now selling alcohol-free beer at 35,000 feet, satisfying beer lovers who abstain from alcohol.

All domestic flights will now feature Upside Dawn Golden, an award-winning beer from Athletic Brewing

It’s a first for domestic flights in the United States, and it makes JetBlue the first major U.S. airline to provide non-alcoholic beer.

Athletic Brewing has climbed to the position of second-largest non-alcoholic beer brand in the United States, with revenue in dollars increasing by 94%.

Upside Dawn from Athletic Brewing is a nice addition to the JetBlue beverage menu, based on customers.

The Financial Times ranked Athletic Brewing as the fourth fastest-growing company in the country in 2021

The announcement is part of JetBlue’s ongoing effort to satisfy passengers with a wide variety of dietary preferences, notes Travel Noire. Upside Dawn is a refreshingly light beer that is also gluten free.

Premium Vienna malt and a blend of English and American hops give it a crisp flavor with floral and earthy undertones.

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