Job Seeker Visas: 5 Countries That Offer Work Visas Without An Offer Letter

APR 11,2023


Purnima sharma

Job seeker visas are offered by several countries to attract highly skilled workers.

These visas allow individuals to stay in the country for a specific period while looking for work.

Germany offers a six-month job seeker visa, and applicants must have a bachelor's or master's degree.

France offers a similar visa that allows job seekers to stay for up to six months.

Canada's Express Entry program allows skilled workers to apply for permanent residency without a job offer.

The Netherlands offers a one-year orientation visa for highly educated migrants to search for jobs.

Australia's Skilled Nominated Visa allows applicants to stay for up to four years with a pathway to permanent residency.

The Czech Republic's Long-Term Visa for the Purpose of Business allows individuals to establish a business or work as freelancers.

Spain offers a non-lucrative visa that allows individuals to live in the country for up to one year without working.

New Zealand's Silver Fern Job Search Visa offers a nine-month visa for individuals aged 20 to 35 with relevant qualifications and experience.

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