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Latest datashows Ethereum token issuance drops 95% after Proof of Stake merge.


After the PoS merging, the rate of new ETH token creation dropped to 0.2%. Despite the fall in the total

number of Ethereum tokens in circulation, the cryptocurrency has not experienced inflation

In the midst of à protracted market slump, ethereum prices have settled around $1,327.

After the split, reports that Ethereum's yearly token supply dropped to 2%. A 3.79 percent margin was recorded prior to the change.

Along the same lines, the daily token issuance has decreased to 772 from 12,500 during the PoW phase. Token

Issuance tracks the total value of incentives paid out to validated blocks.

Accotding tothe numbers, 4,581.26 ETH have been created on the new PoS network since its launch. We estimate that the sum, if agreed upon by proof-of-work, would be $88.7367.

On September 15th, Ëthereum switched to a consensus based on proof of stake. The power

consumption of the new model is said to be reduced by 99.5% compared to its predecessor