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Man resents $3M lottery win: "Nobody Understands"


Aman, who won $3.06 million in  India, is tired of financial aid pleas,  sources say. Autorickshaw driver  Anoop B. is the lottery winner from  Kerala, India.

He won the prize in a state lottery in September, according to national media.

Anoop B., 32, presented the winning lottery ticket on September 17, a day before heading to Malaysia for a chef job.

He won the state lottery on  September 18. Anoop B. remembers his triumph in

a Facebook video. We were thrilled to have visitors and cameras in our home.

Anoop B.s luck was quickly followed by others asking for a piece of his

win. À week later, Anoop B. uploaded à video imploring people to stop begging for loans and aid.

The guy, who hasn't received the money, said he's contemplating relocating to avoid unwelcome attention from money-seekers.

Even if we all empathise with the guy, at least he hasn‘t won the $685 million Powerball jackpot in May 2021.