Irrational Price Hike for Ford Automobiles?

Ford is increasing the MSRP of select Mustang Mach-E electric crossovers as it reopens order books for the 2023 model year.

“People will have to shell out an extra $3,000. 00 for the bare bones version,

and up to $8,000. 00 for the fully loaded top-of-the-line SUV as of this week.

Ford had already disclosed a price increase for its electric truck, the F-150 Lightning, only weeks prior to this report

However, they did say they will keep an eye on costs and the market over the forthcoming model year.

Vehicles ordered in 2022 but not yet planned for production or shipment

will be replaced with the 2023 model year option for those customers.

20-inch black wheels with a high- gloss finish-and a black GT emblem

are standard on the Ford GT Performance Edition