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NASA will smash into an asteroid to rescue Earth.


NASA will test a planetary-defense technology this month. DART will be used to smashan

asteroid on Sept. 26. International partnership to safeguard Earth from asteroid collisions.

NASA: "While the asteroid presents no danger to Earth, this is the first test of the kinetic impact method"

In 2021, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched DART from California's Vandenberg Air Force Base.

Now, 10 months later DART will catch up by completing three trajectory correction procedures over

the following three weeks Each movement reduces the spacecraft's margin of error for hitting Dimorphos

NASA said the navigation team will know Dimorphos' location within 2 kilometres 24 hours before impact

following the last manoeuvre on Sept. 25. DART will then navigate independently to the space rock

The Didymos system was feeble in a 20 million-mile-away picture. After combining pictures, astronomers could locate Dimorphos.