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NASA's moon rocket test spills again


Cape Canaveral, Fla. NASA's new moon rocket leaked more fuel in a test Wednesday, but engineers reduced them to acceptable levels.

There was no immediate confirmation on whether NASA will attempt a launch Tuesday given the occasional hydrogen leaks.

The daylong demo had hardly started when hydrogen began leaking at the

same location and time as previously, despite new seals and other fixes.

Engineers stopped the flow and warmed the pipes to fix the leak before testing. The leak remained before reducing. Later, another leak appeared.

Nail reported meefi;ng all test goals. Managers must analyse the data before deciding whether the 322-

foot (98-meter) rocket is ready for its maiden test flight with mannequins instead of humans.

11537 Illmdles and countdown tests failed due to hydrogen leakage. This month's countdown surpassed

NASA's limit by twice. Wednesday's leak almost matched Tuesday's.