NASCAR All-Star Race format unveiled for North Wilkesboro

APR 9,2023


Purnima sharma

NASCAR announced the format for the 2022 All-Star Race, which will take place at North Wilkesboro Speedway.

The race will consist of six rounds, with the winner of each round advancing to the next stage.

The first round will be a 15-lap race, followed by a 30-lap race in the second round.

The third round will be a 10-lap shootout, with only green-flag laps counting.

The fourth round will feature a new twist, with drivers having to make a mandatory pit stop.

The fifth round will be a 30-lap race with a limited number of green-flag laps, creating a sense of urgency.

The sixth and final round will be a 10-lap shootout, with the winner taking home a $1 million prize.

The unique format is designed to create excitement and unpredictability for both drivers and fans.

The North Wilkesboro Speedway is a historic venue that has not hosted a NASCAR race since 1996.

The All-Star Race is a non-points exhibition event that showcases the sport's top drivers and teams.

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