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Ian Rotundo appreciates the competitive and educational aspects of racing at Irwindale.


Ian Rotundo, then 26 years old, and his family attended a race at the Irwindale Speedway in California around five years ago.

I was thinking, "I can do that, no problem," as I watched the races from the stands, Rotundo recalled. Although he had raced a few motorcycles,

Rotundo had never driven a vehicle. He had grown up observing the activity, and his father had participated in desert racing many years prior.

Rotundo discovered the Tucker Tire Enduro at the NASCAR-sanctioned asphalt oval in Irwindale, which is close to Los Angeles.

He believed the sport class, which featured competitive driving, a wide range of vehicles, and several ability levels, appeared reasonably priced.

Most significantly, it simply appeared to be a lot of fun. In the end, he concluded, "I had a lot to learn." For Rotundo, the first two years had a challenging

learning curve. He had to figure out how to conserve tyres and to use the throttle pedal less forcefully. “ Place the pedal to the metal floor while holding on.

That actually doesn't work very well, it turns out," he remarked. If it makes any sense, "I'm learning how to move slower to go quicker." He's been discovering a lot more

the last two years of achievement. He placed third last year and second in 2021 in the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series Division III national championship standings.