NASCAR takeaways

Ross Chastain is once again at the center of a NASCAR controversy after the recent Darlington Raceway event.

Chastain was penalized for forcing a driver below the yellow line during the race's final stage.

The penalty cost Chastain a top-10 finish and prompted him to speak out against the call.

Chastain argued that he was pushed below the line by another driver and had no choice but to return to the track.

NASCAR officials reviewed the incident and ultimately upheld the penalty, citing video evidence.

Chastain's team owner also voiced his disagreement with the call and the lack of consistency in NASCAR's enforcement.

The incident adds to a growing list of controversial moments for Chastain in his NASCAR career.

Chastain has a reputation for aggressive driving and has faced criticism and penalties for his actions on the track.

However, Chastain also has a passionate fan base who appreciate his passion and willingness to take risks.

Only time will tell if Chastain can strike a balance between his aggressive driving style and avoiding penalties and controversy.

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