Netflix down for 11,000 users in the US; company denies outage report

APR 19,2023


Purnima sharma

Netflix experienced a service disruption in the US that affected 11,000 users, according to reports.

The outage lasted for a few hours, but the company denied any such disruption.

Some users complained that they were unable to access the platform or faced streaming issues.

The reports suggested that the outage was caused due to a server problem in the US.

The streaming giant has been seeing a surge in its user base, especially during the pandemic.

The company has been investing heavily in creating original content to attract more users.

Netflix has been facing intense competition from other streaming platforms like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

The outage, even though limited, could affect the user confidence in the platform. Netflix has been taking steps to ensure that such outages do not affect its users.

The company has been upgrading its infrastructure and servers to provide a seamless streaming experience to its users.

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