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NFL franchise to be sold shortly


At least one NFL team is likely to be up for sale in the near future. The Dervet Broncos, the most recent

NFL team to be sold, set a new record last month when they went for $4.65 billion

Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, has speculated that the Seattle Seahawks will be the next club to be up for sale.

Irsay recently told Bloomberg that he expects to be able to sell the Seahawks in a few years, around 2024.

In an appearance on Bloomberg's ‘Business of Sports,! Irsay predicted,

"There's going to be a few." "Seattle is going to become accessible l'd think around the 2024 area,

what with Paul Allen my buddy sadly dying away and that franchise being in a trust, " Allen said.

Irsay admits it may be tough to find a buyer/due to the soaring value of

NFL teams, despite the fact that the club will be for sale and attract a lot of attention.