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Painful deaths


Crucifixion. Most people link crucifixion with Jesus Christ's death, yet it dates to the 6th century BCE.

Some painters show Christ's crucifixion as calm, yet it was incredibly agonising.

Some'legal systems replaced the three-drug regimen with single medications. These may cause discomfort for minutes to hours before death.

Drowning is quick unpleasant. Drowning causes fear and hypetventilation. Instead of air, they'll breathe water. Laryngospasm results. Breathing water hurts the most.

Burning to death is horrifying. Our skin contains manynerves, thus burns are excruciating. Not to   

mention breathing in smoke and hot air, which may cause choking and burn anything in its path.

Paficreatic cancer causes discomfort When it pushes on nerves. This causes back and stomach ache. Intestinal obstructions and referred soft-tissue discomfort might arise.

Boomslangs are deadly snakes. A bite will inflict a horrible death. Venom kills how? Bleeding. Victims

bleed internally. Uncontrollable shaking, nausea, and fever follow. Painful dying.