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Pokémon's Deadliest Villains


The Pokémon anime has been popular since it debuted in 1997 in Japan and 1998 elsewhere. Ash

Ketchum has been followed for 25 seasons and 23 films as he tries to become the best Pokémon trainer

Scientists wanted to clone Mew, the Pokémon progenitor, to produce the world's most powerful Pokémon.

They cloned Mewtwo. Mewtwo refused to remain subordinate to  mankind and forged his own path.

The Iron Masked Marauder is a high-- ranking Team Rocket member who  created a Dark Ball. Using it makes Pokémon hyper-aggressive and under his control

The Iron Masked Marauder's motive isn't deep, but the Dark Ball's personality-warping consequences

are. He's the first villain to capture a legendary and demonstrate their devastating potential

J lacks Team Rocket's worldwide structure, but her sophisticated  technology, particularly her arm cannon, makes up foriit.She also  possessed Ariados, Drapion, and Salamence, a powerful Dragon Pokémon

Cyrus poses as a well-meaning businessman who funded several of Sinnoh's libraries. He's the mysterious leader of Team Galactic, who wants to capture time and space Pokémon