Were you even a ‘90s kid if you didn’t own a pencil with a joker’s head carved on its top?

Sanju from Shaka Laka Boom Boom had us dreaming and believing in the powers of a magical pencil.

The young Sanju still looks the same with his boyish charm and crooked smile.

1. Kinshuk Vaidya as Sanju

The transformation of Hansika Motwani still has us shooketh. At one moment she was a chirpy little kid with crooked teeth and pigtails in Shaka Laka Boom Boom and Koi Mil Gaya

2. Hansika Motwani as Karuna/Shona

The adorable strong tomboy who stood up for herself and her friends, Ritu played by Sainee turned out to be every bit gorgeous and graceful. She is an award-winning scriptwriter.

3. Sainee Raj as Ritu

The little bundle of joy grew up to be a handsome man. He moved to Dubai and works in an advertising agency as is last known about him.

4. Adnan J.P. as Jaggu

Does the lost soul Tito need an introduction? He grew to not change much in looks but definitely in performance as he was a scene in the Oscar-winning film Slumdog Millionaire and Disney’s Million Dollar Arm.

5. Madhur Mittal as Tito

Reema, who is still in the television acting circuit, grew up to be unrecognizable.

6. Reema Worah as Sanjana

Jhumroo Bhaiya just got a beard on the baby face, all else has still the same since 2003.

7. Aditya Kapadia as Jhumroo Bhaiya

Hello! Does anyone remember the drop-dead gorgeous Jennifer Winget from her younger days? I didn’t even know she was a child artist!

8. Jennifer Winget as Piya

The typical teenage looks and awkwardness have been replaced with a more mature and calm demeanor.

9. Romit Raaj as Karan

Lata has not aged a day since she was first seen on television!

10. Lata Sabharwal as Sanju's Mother