Silicon Valley Bank’s chief risk officer is out, months after taking the job

APR 12,2023


Purnima sharma

Silicon Valley Bank's Chief Risk Officer has left the company only a few months after joining the team.

The reason for the sudden departure of the CRO has not been disclosed by the bank.

The bank is currently searching for a new CRO to take up the position and fill the gap.

The previous CRO had over two decades of experience in the banking and finance industry.

The departure comes at a time when Silicon Valley Bank is expanding its operations and entering new markets.

The bank's CEO has expressed confidence in the company's ability to navigate the transition.

The departure is seen as a setback for the bank's risk management team and its overall strategy.

Silicon Valley Bank is a leading provider of financial services to technology and innovation companies.

The bank has a strong reputation in the industry for its innovation and commitment to supporting emerging technologies.

The departure of the CRO underscores the importance of risk management and effective leadership in the banking sector.

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