Smartphone rules change on April 15.

USSD from April 15, 2024 till further orders-

USSD call forward deactivation effective April 15, 2024 until further notice. Reevaluation by DOT for potential reactivation.

What is USSD-based call forward?

Users dial a code on the screen to use the USSD service for checking IMEI number and mobile phone balance.

Why deactivate USSD call forward?

To combat fraud and online crime, DOT stated on March 28 that USSD is used for unauthorized activity.

Facility closure duration?

The department has not provided a clear timeline for the availability of this facility, which may start after further investigation.

Decision to halt USSD call forwarding.

Halting the service aims to combat cybercrime. Previously, a similar approach was taken with SIM card issuance, requiring e-verification.


Physical SIM verification removed.

The new rule requires e-verification for obtaining a new SIM, replacing physical verification.