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Starbucks' new "Siren System" and your coffee


Starbucks/CEO Howard Schultz announced a brand revamp in July 2022. (per Starbucks Stories &

News). This decision comes after years of racial inequity, the COVID- 19 epidemic,

and US. retailers unionising. Schultz says the company's purpose is to "inspire and nourish the human soul"

CNN reports the move follows a Starbucks issue in China. Locals  stated their intentions to boycott  the coffee shop after police officers were reportedly booted out (via  Reuters)

Starbucks promptly refuted the charges, telling CNN that  "inappropriate comments were used

while organising seating“ Using the  new reinvention strategy might prevent future problems.

Starbucks'new "Siren System" reduces drink preparation time (via Starbucks Stories & News).

Starbucks can produce a Grande Mocha Frappuccino in 36 seconds and 13 steps, down from

87 seconds and 16 stages. This doesn't affect beverage quality. The new equipment includes à unique ice dispenser, a milk-dispensing device, and speedier blenders.