These 7 Things You Shouldn't Buy on Dhanteras

It is also advised to avoid buying certain items on this day. This day is considered unlucky for buying certain items. We present 5 such things.

It is believed that knives, needles, and scissors should not be bought on Dhanteras. It is considered unlucky to bring breakable or cutable items into the house on this day.

This day is also bad for buying iron. Avoid bringing iron items into the house on this day.

Avoid buying glass today. Since glass symbolizes Rahu, buying or using it on this day is considered unlucky.

You must have heard that oil sales are banned on this day. Purchase oil or ghee in advance for lamp lighting on this day.


Utensils are traditionally bought on Dhanteras, but brass, bronze, and copper are preferred over steel.

Buying gold and silver is popular today. It is recommended to avoid purchasing fake jewelry.

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