tips to lose weight after 40

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With increasing age, many changes start taking place in the body of women. In such a situation, weight gain is also a problem. If you have also crossed the age of 40


get plenty of sleep

Lack of sleep i.e. insomnia can cause obesity and weight gain. Many studies have also revealed that less sleep not only affects metabolism


do physical activity

With increasing age, physical activity also decreases. In such a situation, you must do physical activity to keep your weight under control.


abstinence from alcohol

Alcohol can cause weight gain. Especially in those people whose age is more than 40. In such a situation, stay away from it to lose weight.

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low carbs

Carbs are the biggest reason for rapid weight gain. Especially, when you reach an age where your physical activity reduces. Reduce it in your diet.


eat green vegetables

Don't forget to include vegetables or green leafy vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are the best source for losing weight


do yoga

Calming the mind is very important to lose weight. In such a situation, do yoga and meditation at this age.

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