Tom Hanks Net Worth 2022

Tom Hanks is an American actor, director, writer and producer who has a net worth of $400 million. As of this writing, his world

total box office gross is approximately $9.7 billion. He is the number-one, most consistent box office money making star in the world.

Hanks is the second actor in history to win back-to-back Academy Awards for Best Actor. Between 1988 and 2010 alone, Tom earned

around $300 million in movie salaries. He has since directed and/or produced several more movies, including Cast Away and The Polar Express.

Instead of seeing the movie derailed, Tom offered to give up his salary in exchange for "first dollar" backend points. As you now

know, Forrest Gump went on to be an enormous box office hit, earning $700 million at the box office and another $100-200 million

over time from licensing deals, VHS and DVD sales. In the first year alone his backend points translated to around $70 million, which

 is the same as around $120 million today. It is still by far his biggest acting paycheck and one of the largest acting paychecks in Hollywood history.